Accounting Department

Accounts Departments have specific requirements that differ from operations or other business functions.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Modern accounting managers and financial directors continuously seek to improve invoice processing and approval cycles. The goal is ever to balance accurate financial data for regular business reporting with improvements in speed and reduction in labour. Accounting processes must sync to changing legal requirements, tax regulations and compliance standards. And organisations must account for electronic processes from some suppliers and clients, while others are still working on faxes and paper!

Just consider one area: Invoice Processing. Processing of purchase invoices presents various challenges, whether the requirement is to capture only general invoice information (Vendor Name/Code, Invoice Number and Date, Net/VAT/Gross, et cetera) or whether you require line-item level data capture (Quantities, Part/Model Codes, Unit Price and Line Totals, with or without VAT included, et cetera). Matching invoices to purchase orders for simplified approvals or routing of purchase invoices for departmental approval differs from company to company, as does line-item matching and price comparisons to existing orders and agreed pricing schedules.

Likewise, order processing, reporting, audits and sales invoicing, and the labourious processes associated with getting all this data into the appropriate business systems (at the appropriate times, and always under pressure) with diminishing staff presents unique opportunities to apply advanced technological solutions that save money and time.

One Solution for All Accounting Needs

DaylightAT has the knowledge and experience to ensure that all aspects of your company’s accounts processes are covered. Our speciality is to review and simplify, through automation and outsourcing, the laborious, detail-oriented processes that take up staff time and take their focus off the bigger picture.

DaylightAT delivers cloud based validation tools that let staff easily find exceptions while processing larger volumes of data than previously possible. We replace time-consuming manual conformity checks with automated verification of supplier, order and pricing information

Ready to Grow and Meet Changing Requirements

DaylightAT offers vast and comprehensive possibilities to adjust and define business rules for your growing company. This enables companies to quickly adapt to changes in legal or internal requirements. By accurately capturing invoice data and comparing it to ERP and financial systems automatically, companies gain a better understanding of ongoing transactions and can improve financial reporting without heavy investments.

Invoice capture is often followed by delivery notes, incoming orders, expenses and time management, and into various other departments. Accounting is often at the forefront of changing how a business operates from top to bottom. And for all the right reasons – a healthy and improved bottom-line. DaylightAT offers flexible integration into various accounting systems such as Sage®, SAP®, Oracle® and Microsoft®, as well as CRM and Workflow solutions.


Key Benefits for Accounts Payable

  • Define current process gaps
  • Leverage early payment discounts
  • Capture all AP invoices in one central location
  • Take advantage of payment terms

Key Benefits for Accounts Receivable

  • Accelerate order processing
  • Improve payment processing
  • Improve dispute resolution
  • Direct Integration to ERP
  • Improved reporting and isibility
Typical Accounts Payable Processing
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