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Address: Church Fell, Brockham Green
United Kingdom

UK Phone: +44 (0) 208 090 4671
USA Phone: +1 (954) 353-7226

Business Hours: 8:00am-6:30pm Monday-Friday
Also available all USA hours, Eastern through Pacific, for technical support and services

DaylightAT designs and implements intelligent solutions that solve real, physical processing problems in today’s virtual working environments. We offer paperless solutions – document management, e-forms and workflow – to private enterprise of any size. DaylightAT document management solutions reduce labour costs and improve productivity. We automate paper-dependent, labour-intensive processes.

We are specialists in paperless strategies, including:

Electronic Form (e-form) Development

including integration of the e-forms to internal or external web sites and workflows.

Cloud-based and Premises-based Document Management solutions

SaaS and hosted solutions, true cloud-based solutions too, or bespoke premises-based systems.

Workflow and Business Process Management

  • Discovery and Design
  • Project Management
  • Development


  • Capture-level data verification/exchange
  • Simple search and retrieval
  • Web Services
  • Workflow Integration


  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Conversion of existing storage sets
  • Auditing and Security
  • Document Retention Policies and Procedures
  • Large back-file and ongoing scanning/conversion services, outsourcing/insourcing
  • distributed capture from MFD

Sophisticated Document Capture and Scanning

  • Highly distributed capture via networked multi-function devices and other peripherals
  • Existing or ongoing electronic data stores
  • High-volume, production-level capture and management
  • Email Capture and Retention

Data Capture methods, including

  • Advanced OCR and Full-Text recognition
  • 1d/2d Barcode manipulation (including form design with embedded barcode technology)
  • PDF data extraction
  • Manual processing (when nothing else works)
We provide key benefits to clients in any industry:

Reduce Costs

  • Direct cost reductions in data input and processing times
  • Indirect cost reductions in reduced staffing requirements, even with increased growth

Improved Customer Service

  • Respond to queries on the first call
  • Increase transparency on internal processes

Integrate forms and document data

  • Direct integration of forms, documents and metadata to existing business systems
  • We get the data where it belongs, quickly and accurately

Internal Analysis

Increase vision into your own processes with live reporting and analytics.


  • Consolidate distributed data into a single, secured repository, tied directly to your main business systems
  • Increase access to critical knowledge you may not even know you have

To learn more about our cloud-based or premises-based offerings, visit our document management pages. Or read one of our client stories in the Project Portfolio.

DaylightAT is your path to paperless. Contact Us now.

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