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DaylightAT’s premises based document management and workflow systems can be run on a single computer, or they can be scaled into multi-tiered, geographically distributed redundant architecture, physical or virtual.

What do you mean by a premises-based document management system?

Essentially it's a traditional-model software system: you buy the software licenses and server modules, you buy hardware and assign storage, databases, web servers, et cetera. Your team is in charge.

Why use premises-based document management instead of going to the cloud?

There are many valid reasons to choose a premises-based system:

  • You choose the level of redundancy and availability required and invest to meet that requirement
  • Start at the enterprise-level, or grow from departmental solutions to full-blown multi-departmental document management functionality
  • Run your applications in physical or virtual environments
  • Your staff has complete control over every aspect of the system
  • Implement and deploy the system when you're ready
  • Migrate existing data sets or run concurrently with legacy systems
  • No long-term contract or ongoing costs
  • Access to documents and data from your browser and on your mobile devices

Is a premises-based document management system secure?

It's as secure as your network. Chances are your IT department spend a considerable amount of time thinking about your security. And with powerful defensive tools at their disposal, they will have you locked down to the most reasonable extent possible. A premises-based solution should fall in line with their best practices.

Is it difficult to start?

It's really quite simple. A premises-based document management solution from DaylightAT can be implemented in roughly one day of planning, one day of install and one day of training. Less if you're a quick study. In any case, days, not weeks.

In fact, we offer a 30-day trial of our cloud-based solution, and the software and interface are identical. Even if you prefer a premises-based system, you can use this 30-day demo to sample the software and make sure it works for you. We'll train you and help you set up the core projects and search criteria, as well as your initial security requirements. That should take us a couple of hours. If you like it, we will work with you to develop a plan for a premises-based system that meets your requirement, and your budget. It's that easy.

Will we miss out on anything by choosing an in-house system?

Since the applications are essentially the same whether they reside in the cloud or on your premises, you sacrifice nothing when it comes to functionality. However the redundancy and availability, the performance factors, might be affected. We have installed premises based systems for companies of all sizes, however, and we've always been able to make sure our customers have what they need - whichever option. Contact us to see if we can meet your requirements.

Can we manage it ourselves or must we use your support when we need to make changes?

Our support is always available to you. But you can also be self-supportive and manage every aspect of your system independently. The choice is yours. The system is easy to use and administer. We can turn over complete control to your staff, we can provide ongoing arms-length support, or we can take over day-to-day management on your behalf.

DaylightAT provides unlimited ongoing support and training to make sure your staff are prepared for any eventuality. Our direct support is also pro-active, and our systems can receive notifications of underlying changes or potential issues. Our hands-on support can be provided remotely or on-site, and full user training is always a part of the equation.

Can we integrate it with our existing premises-based systems, or with other cloud-based applications we already use?

That's important to know: you can integrate our premises-based software with almost any application, no matter where it is hosted or what technologies it is built upon. From legacy systems to the latest Azure and Amazon cloud-based apps, our document management solutions are built to exchange information across the enterprise. Full web services developer API's are available along with tools designed for simple desktop integration with no development required.The only limit is your imagination.

If your organization is after core document management functionality, or wants to integrate document management, electronic forms and workflow into complex ERP-led business processes. DaylightAT can provide the power of document management at a price that will ensure a return on your technology investment.

Imagine - access to scanned documents and electronic files at your fingertips.

Premises Based Document Management Solutions. Do It Yourself, Let Us Guide You

To learn more about the core document management component of the Digitech suite, visit our PaperVision page. Or read a success story about a Pensions Department using PaperVision on-site to manage employee benefits and transactions.

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