Advanced Support and Delivery
for Document Management Projects
by Daylight

DaylightAT can deliver an end-to-end service, or integrate our specialised services as part of an overall solution.

Advanced Document Management and Workflow Support and Delivery

DaylightAT’s experienced project managers work with your company to deliver end-to-end document management and workflow solutions with clearly defined milestones and targets, and deliver on those targets to ensure your company’s outsourcing efforts are rewarded from the start.

DaylightAT recognises that every document management project is unique. This is where we specialise – taking your routine document based business processes, evaluating from start to finish, and implementing improvements in conjunction with your staff to develop lean, accurate methods of doing business. DaylightAT saves you time and money.

DaylightAT applies our knowledge, tools and technologies combined with the wide range of services that we offer, to ensure your document management project is successful, well-documented and repeatable.

Any document management or development project initiated by DaylightAT will have a clearly defined scope and be focused on the overarching goals and ambitions of the owners and participants. We help manage risks all the way through the project, report on positions and progress, manage communications with stakeholders, and deliver successful services.

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