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Document Management and Complementary Technologies

We work at the enterprise level and for individual departments, and we offer powerful, affordable services for small businesses as well. Our document management software can be run on your premises on your technology infrastructure, or it can be outsourced, using our services and our cloud-based software. Often it’s somewhere in between: a little bit on-premise, a little bit outsourced.

At DaylightAT we pride ourselves in developing smart, agile document management and workflow solutions. We can develop compliance-focused document management strategies for advanced industry-specific projects. We also have extensive experience working in shared-services departments and back-office document management projects.

Our document and content management software is both flexible and extensible.

We recognize you’re not as excited about document management as we are. You come to your office to do business, not to manage your documents. So we work to integrate our software into your main line of business applications. We strive to develop solutions that are an integral but transparent part of the way you work.

DaylightAT professional services can integrate document management with ERP applications, as well as other cloud/SaaS and premises based applications. We also work within the international software VAR and integrator market, developing industry- or problem-specific custom code. And we partner with other document management providers to deliver best-of-breed solutions.

We can import just about any object, in just about any format.

Capture it, route it, manage it and track it, share it and then archive it and ultimately destroy it – all in line with your industry’s legal and compliance requirements. Information anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about the core document management component of the Digitech suite, visit our PaperVision page. Or read a success story about a Pensions Department using PaperVision on-site to manage employee benefits and transactions.

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