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DaylightAT’s cloud document management solutions free you from the overhead of running the software and servers in-house. They provide sound availability, hardened security, and they sacrifice none of the aspects of a premises-based system. Cloud-based document management systems cut IT infrastructure costs, reduce ongoing operational and staffing expenses, while delivering any document, anywhere, anytime.

What is cloud-based document management and workflow?

The past 20+ years have seen ASP, SaaS, hosted and cloud-based solutions take the business world by storm. Each acronym has a slightly different meaning, but we’ll spare you the details. The key benefit is: software licenses are included in the service, you need no additional server capacity, and you have no capital outlay. You sign up for a monthly or annual subscription model, and begin using the system right away.

Sign up this month for a DaylightAT cloud document management solution, and all your users can have state of the art workflow and electronic document management, even electronic forms, in days, not weeks.

Why use cloud-based document management instead of building our own premises-based system?

There are many reasons to consider using cloud-based services. You've likely heard a hundred already. Let us offer these few more:

  • No capital investment, no additional IT cost or support required
  • Immediate access to documents and data from your browser and on your mobile devices
  • Migrate existing data sets easily and quickly, via secure upload mechanisms
  • Unlimited users and unlimited data sets
  • Highly secure and geographically redundant infrastructure - use the existing investment
  • Always run the latest tech with free updates that will not affect existing customizations

Is a cloud-based document management system secure?

A cloud-based document management system is dramatically different from just placing your sensitive data somewhere out on the web. The data remains locked away on ultra-secure storage systems that are only accessible to your staff and designated users. Even our system administrators are locked away from your data stores. Multiple layers of security protect your data in a hardened environment that is in line with modern online banking techniques.

You can integrate your local network security, too, so your users are a step removed from the security layer. Or you can limit accessibility based on location, or other factors. The data rests fully encrypted in internal storage and is only decrypted when an authorized user requests it.

Is it difficult to start?

It's easier than you might think. A cloud-based document management solution from DaylightAT can be implemented in a very short amount of time: days not weeks, and sometimes even on the same day.

In fact, we offer a 30-day trial, and you can get started right away with no long-term commitment. We'll train you and help you set up the core projects and search criteria, as well as your initial security requirements. That should take us a couple of hours. If you like it before the end of the trial, we turn it live. It's that easy. And we are always available to support you and help you adapt it for enterprise-level growth.

Will we miss out on any functionality when using cloud-base software as opposed to an in-house system?

Cloud-based document management is designed for the enterprise – for the innovative enterprise. Your IT department have more important things to do than support your document management system. For example: integrate intelligent document management solutions with line-of-business applications to help users work smarter.

With very few exceptions, there is nothing you can do locally that you cannot do on a DaylightAT cloud-based document management system. Contact us to see if we can meet your requirements.

Can we manage it ourselves or must we go through layers of support to make changes?

This is a common concern when outsourcing your document management, or any software solution, to the cloud. DaylightAT systems are as self-supportive as you would like them to be. We can turn over complete control to your staff, or we can take over day-to-day management on your behalf.The choice is yours.

Can it communicate with our existing premises-based systems, or with other cloud-based applications we already use?

That's important to know: you can integrate our cloud-based software with almost any application, no matter where it is hosted or what technologies it is built upon. From legacy systems to the latest Azure and Amazon cloud-based apps, our document management solutions are built to exchange information across the enterprise. Full web services API's are available for developers, along with tools designed for simple desktop integration with no development required.The only limit is your imagination.

Our professional services team provides discovery, implementation, training and guidance to make sure your document management project is well-planned out and highly adopted. And our support continues long after launch.

Any Document, Available From Anywhere, At Anytime

To learn more about one popular hosted document management solution, visit our ImageSilo page. Or read a success story about a multinational manufacturer that used ImageSilo workflow to reduce costs and increase revenues.

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