E-Forms in the Enterprise

E-Forms in the EnterpriseOn the one hand, e-forms don’t need a lot of explanation. They are electronic or digital versions of the same forms your business uses today. Applications, Know-Your-Clients forms, Data Protection forms, tax forms, Pensions transactions, updated Employee details, new employee on-boarding forms and more can all be reproduced digitally. The question is: why bother? It’s perfectly likely that your forms are serving their purpose today. But

When was the last time your incoming form immediately triggered updates in corporate databases?

Does your employee on-boarding form notify your IT department of device and network account requirements for new starters?

Will the mere presence of a data protection form or an approved non-disclosure agreement automatically notify staff of the freedom to share information with clients or partners?

All of these functions, and many more, can be automated by using e-forms.

E-Forms are far more than a replacement of like for like. They can be placed on internal or external websites and integrated directly into workflow processes. They can be built dynamically to include the latest data from internal databases.

Is your company already using Word, Excel or PDF forms? Do you use HTML or other web-based forms on corporate intranets and extranets? Scanfree can show you how to make those forms come to life, and directly integrate them into your company’s day to day business activities. We can even scan your existing paper forms and overlay the e-form functionality right on top of the template image.

And DaylightAT’s e-forms solutions come with sample e-forms and html. The system provides an e-form schema and html elements document, to help build your own custom forms.

Our professional services team can help you design, build and implement e-forms. Couple these with workflow automation to achieve powerful results.

DaylightAT can support your organization in the entire process.

Learn more about E-Forms features on the Features page. Or look here to learn about other methods of Office Automation. And check out this great infographic from Digitech (currently being embedded)on why your company should be using e-forms today.

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