Core E-Forms Features List

E-Forms Features and Targets

Let DaylightAT show you how e-forms features can help you automate your business today. Our solutions allow you to:

  • Build e-forms using the built-in XML editor or import existing HTML forms.
  • Automatically generate metadata from the information entered into the form.
  • Utilize HTML controls including text fields, drop-down fields, hyperlinks, signatures, and CAPTCHA.
  • Upload multiple attachments along with an e-form, maintaining version controls.
  • Make e-forms available on a public site or for internal users only.
  • Pull images from a URL to include brand elements and give forms a professional look.
  • Insert html headers into your electronic forms to include custom JavaScript and CSS.
  • Maintain e-forms versions so you can roll back to a previous version at any time.
  • Use Tab or Accordion navigation in e-forms that allow display of multiple panels of information or fields within the same screen space.
  • Validate field information with your own custom JavaScript to ensure data accuracy.
  • Initiate workflows and additional e-form processes based on submissions.
  • Support Digital Signature initiatives.

And DaylightAT’s e-forms features a selection of sample e-forms and html files, as well as an e-form schema and html elements document, to help build your own custom forms.

DaylightAT professional services can help you design, build and implement e-forms and workflow automation, and support your organization in the entire process.

To learn more about this electronic forms technology, visit our main E-Forms technology page.

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