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Office Automation Provides ROI with the Simplest Mechanisms

The office machines we use every day are designed to do so much more. Your computers spend more idle time than they spend actively working on things to make your business better. Your photocopiers are departmental and enterprise data-gathering mechanisms and collaboration tools. All around your staff are entry-points to to a technologically efficient way of doing business.

By accurately capturing documents and data, your company can significantly improve performance, customer service, and agility in business decisions. Make the best business decisions while you reduce costs with document management and workflow office automation technology from DaylightAT.

Affordable for Businesses of any size.

10 years ago only cash-rich companies could invest in automating their business processes. Today the chances are that you have the necessary tools available to you already, it’s only a matter to integrating them to the process. And with DaylightAT’s online subscriptions services starting as low as £35 per month for an unlimited number of users, it’s an opportunity you should not miss. Contact DaylightAT today to learn how to make your technology work for you.

DaylightAT integrates and builds various components into our document management and workflow solutions, including:

  • Multi Function Devices and Multi Function Peripherals: MFD’s, MFP’s, photocopiers, workcentres and more – the names keep coming for these ubiquitous office devices, and most people use them like a glorified mimeograph machine (remember those?). Forget what you know about your photocopier – it is an on-ramp to information freedom – put it to work for your company today.
  • Existing Computers and Servers: your computers are built to be processing transactions constantly. Clearly there is a requirement not to overload any critical system, but running a server at 15% capacity is of no great benefit to anybody, least of all you. Use Windows Automation tools to get the most out of your technology investments, and make tedious, repetitive processes a thing of the past for your staff.
  • Desktop Integration: Linking applications should not be as hard as your contractors make it out to be. With DaylightAT Desktop Integration, it’s easy. Integrate Anything.
  • E-Forms: Automated paperless processes that present, capture and exchange important data.
  • Data Conversions: Tired of working out of three different systems? Data manipulation can be a difficult and time-consuming task. DaylightAT can save you money and help you streamline your operating environments.

DaylightAT solutions make data accessible on any device, including mobile devices

So, where do you begin? Take a look at our pages on document management for industry to learn how the technologies are applied in specific departments or vertical industries. And Contact Us if you’d like to see your industry added. Or visit our Project Portfolio to learn more.

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