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The ability to do large-scale repetitive processes is not something that is left only to your company’s main line-of-business software. Your staff probably perform a number of repetitive, unproductive tasks . With today’s windows automation capabilities, you could be spending money on labour unnecessarily.

Here is one simple example: Your staff may receive a large volume of purchase orders electronically, via email. The orders may come in a number of formats: PDF attachments; image attachments like JPG, TIF or even PNG; Word or other Office formats; or right in the body of the email itself. How much time do your staff spend saving attachments or converting documents for processing? Are your staff still printing records for further distribution?

Stop the insanity! Let DaylightAT show you how…

DaylightAT can implement email monitoring solutions that automatically monitor email folders or accounts. We then capture attachments or email content, and convert it all to a standard format, like PDF. We then place the uniform documents in a folder, or in a queue. Further, we can launch related workflow processes in automated fashion. A received order can automatically notify production or shipping. It can notify a sales department of actions to be taken. Separately, the processed data can update a back-end database, so your staff just need to verify entries, and are automatically linked to the source documents to do so.

Put your machines to work for you.

By and large the computing power in your office vastly under-utilized. This is a quote from a UK-based IT services provider:

… The thing is, most computers are used for day-to-day jobs like accessing the internet and creating presentations. And that means even the very cheapest have much more power than you’re ever likely to use. … The same goes for servers, only the effect is even more pronounced. Plenty of businesses spend £1,000+ on a server, then end up using it to 10% – 20% capacity. Bonkers. The IT Donut and Integral IT

Why not get the most out of your technology investment. With DaylightAT’s document and content management solutions, coupled with sophisticated Capture and Office Automation capabilities, your company can get more done with what you have.

To learn more about our cloud-based or premises-based offerings, visit our document management pages. Or read one of our client stories in the Project Portfolio.

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