Compliance and Retention

Reduce business risks and ensure regulatory compliance with DaylightAT automation and workflow solutions.

Retention and Compliance

Records used for research, client management, financial transactions and other business areas all have specific requirements to be retained for specific lengths of times, or to be routed, handled, replied-to and tracked, in compliance with the law.

Due to the increasing number of regulations and the need to prove compliance with the law, leading organisations look to DaylightAT to ensure a consolidated, complete set of processes and procedures to maintain within the boundaries of their governing and oversight bodies.

Regulatory compliance in the modern world ensures that your business maintains its reputation and continues healthy operations with the full trust and confidence of its customers and community.

DaylightAT can ensure your company builds and enforces highly detailed compliance road-maps, assisted by the latest technological innovations to ensure you remain on the right side of the law. Our research specialists assist your team in identifying and highlighting risk areas and precedents. We then partner with you to build and execute a plan and a method that ensures employees are educated in the spirit and letter of the law. We do this by putting the right technology tools at their disposal to ensure your company will not fall afoul of your regulatory bodies.

From compliance-focused workflows to data protection assistance, and audited, secure portal access to corporate data, DaylightAT can integrate your compliance requirements to your line of business systems and operations.

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