We recently completed a large-ish backfile scanning conversion for another client in the education industry. These scanning conversions come in all shapes and sizes, and this one relatively mild, really – but they all come with their own challenges. Luckily, with a combination of a simple PaperFlow scanning process and some further processing in PaperVision Capture, and minimal database manipulation, we were able to process tens-of-thousands of client registration and Data Protection forms, as well as franchisee contracts and leases, in a few short weeks.

Interestingly, with Digitech Systems now releasing the long-awaited PaperVision EForms, the new electronic forms engine built right into PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo, the timing could not have been better. These Data Protection Consent Forms are perfect candidates for conversion to a paperless process – no wet signature required, and the data is consistent, if not for the fact that franchisees have developed variations over the years.

Now we’re looking at building that form online as an html electronic form, which will require a sign-on from a valid franchisee and load dir3ectly into the archive. Next step will be to integrate the form into a SharePoint portal with submissions feeding a PaperVision WorkFlow that updates internal databases to the presence of the DPCF.

Contract and Leases may well be on the table, too – Digitech’s supporting Digital Signatures now, and combine PaperVision EForms, WorkFlow and Digital Signatures, and this paper-intensive franchisor may soon be on the road to paperless processing for most franchisee coomunications.

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