Automated Data ExtractionFrom Any Form

DaylightAT outsourced data extraction services reduce costs while improving accuracy

Forms Processing

DaylightAT simplifies and automates data entry and processing, yielding fast, accurate results.

Data entry and processing tasks can be complicated and unwieldy, for companies small and large. Especially in growth stages of a business, keeping up with the demand around accurate data processing can be a hindrance and a headache, and often leads to hiring staff to keep up with demand.

Use DaylightAT instead, and keep head count to a minimum while benefiting from fast turnaround times and higher levels of accuracy. Our experience makes us the obvious choice for companies internationally.

Whether you’re looking for data entry from printed materials, data manipulation within or outside of spreadsheets and databases, extraction of data from websites or record stores, processing of applications or survey forms, or transitioning of data from one system to another due to a migration or acquisition, DaylightAT will work with you to establish standardised processes for normal data as well as any exceptions, to deliver the highest quality data possible.

Quality of service is our highest priority, and we guarantee positive results. We establish quality control measures for all projects, and maintain confidentiality on everything we do.

Electronic Forms, or E-Forms

Read our infographic on the benefits of electronic forms below.

Electronic Forms, or E-Forms
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