Healthcare and Medical Services

Healthcare companies manage thousands of medical and billing records. They use DaylightAT solutions and technology to reduce costs, track and manage medical documents, protect patient privacy and boost performance.

Document Management and Workflow Solutions for Healthcare

End-to-end BPO solutions that improve patient care

Healthcare organisations must find smart ways to improve patient care while ensuring sustainability, often with reduced staff and budgets. DaylightAT helps your healthcare facility with a proven track record in the healthcare industry.

Health Information Management

Health Information Management systems are the central hub of patient information for healthcare and occupational health organisations. DaylightAT solutions are tailored to work with your existing applications, ensuring high quality patient care by delivering complete, accurate and secure records with lower operational costs.


Your internal business operations impact the quality of the care you can deliver. Efficiency in internal processes within Accounting, Compliance and Personnel departments translates to improved your focus on patient services, while reducing costs.

Simplify Healthcare Processes

We make electronic health records work for you. DaylightAT improves processes by providing one easily-accessible, secured and complete record, which makes finding and viewing relevant content simple. Our solutions are healthcare professional-centric – you get the information you need when you need it, anywhere, anytime.

DaylightAT provides any level of service, from digital conversion and scanning services only, to a complete Enterprise Content Management solution and internal Scanning solutions which are scalable and adjustable to your changing requirement.

Complete Patient Record

Compile and organize disparate sources of clinical data from different facilities and machines—including paper, fax, email, clinical images and more—for a complete view of your patient records.

Improve Access & Visibility

Gather, store and access all clinical content from a single point in your EMR with just a few clicks. Features like a patient window offer visibility, enabling better decision-making and health outcomes for patients.


Content Creation

Our solutions extend beyond managing clinical – DaylightAT can help generate content and electronic forms to simplify patient processes and further reduce costs. Review notes, capture clinical data and images, generate reports instantly, all from within a single interface.

Occupational Health Medical Record Scanning


Our trained staff converts paper employee OH files to digitized, accessible records while ensuring the confidentiality of protected health information.
Our secure conversion facilities in Surrey, just outside London, our staff receives, physically prepares, scans, and catalogs your records to deliver to any existing electronic health record system, or as part of a complete DaylightAT solution.

Medical record scanning enables you to:

  • Immediately and securely access medical records from any device
  • Integrate with your Electronic Medical Record system for one-click access to historical information
  • Merge internally-generated and externally-received patient files into a single view
  • Assure compliance with regulations
  • Eliminate data entry or physical filing of patient forms with electronic forms
  • Re-allocate valuable office space for patient services
  • Provide superior service to patients and employees

Benefits of Working with DaylightAT for Healthcare and Occupational Health Providers

DaylightAT services help healthcare providers increase patient satisfaction and ease regulatory compliance. Our bespoke solutions offer easy retrieval options, integrating to your current EMR or ERP systems.

  • DaylightAT facilities are not shared with any other entities.
  • Staff are highly trained and specialists in their field.
  • Back-file and day-forward conversion of paper-based charts and patient records to any format.
  • Microfilm conversion to digital and paper or digital to physical microfilm.
  • Imaging and data entry capabilities for seamless delivery into EMR system of your choice.
  • Scan-on-demand directly to your EMR system to eliminate need for patient file storage.
  • Scanning and data key entry of private health claims files.
  • Integration to claims processing applications.
  • Secure document hosting and access, anywhere, anytime.
  • Retrieve digital medical records from any device using keywords and content text.
  • Secure all records with file and page level security, and full auditing.
  • Approved users access healthcare records via a custom app or a browser.
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