“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

Well, thank you WordPress. I suppose I will. So, hello world indeed. It’s early days yet so not sure what this will become, but regular updates of the venture will surely be forthcoming.

DaylightAT has been in business providing document management, workflow and BPM consulting since November 2010. We continued consulting with existing clients brought over from the States, and started slowly building a UK customer base in our transplanted home. Now I turn my attention and focus fully onto the business.

I made the hardest decision years ago – leaving a network of business companions, friends and family to strike out in a brave old world, and it’s not been easy going, that’s for certain. But slowly I’ve been able to re-build what I left – I’ve a long way to go but a decent foundation to build upon. This is a great place to live, and a great place to do business. And sometimes the sun even comes out.

Of course I am now reaching out again to the network I’ve left in the USA. And why not? Firstly, the hours are perfect – east coaster’s roll in about 1pm my time; even early birds won’t be at it until much before 11am. At midnight my time the Cali crowd will be starting to sign off for the day (but if you work late in Cali, don’t hesitate to call – I’m not a big sleeper anyway).

So, in business – scanning, forms and the like. No time for chitter chatter, it’s off to work we go. See you soon.

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