Human Resources and Personnel

Find, Hire and Retain the Best Talent

Compliance and Policy Management

Stay compliant with your industry’s regulatory requirements with secure, encrypted access to records, detailed audit trails and granular security rights. Make sure your employee information is only accessible to the people who need it.

Leavers and Termination

Easily manage Leavers and the termination process to ensure that ex-employees no longer have access to sensitive information and applications.

Personnel File Security

Securely manage confidential employee documents, while meeting your organisation’s retention policies, all without leaving your familiar line-of-business applications.

Read our infographic to learn how electronic forms can reduce costs and increase accuracy!

You’ve hired great people…

and you should be able to focus on them — not on manual processes and routine tasks. DaylightAT helps your Personnel department stay ahead of the curve with solutions to work better and smarter.

DaylightAT simplifies paper-based manual processes with online forms and auditing, so you can focus on high value tasks for a more efficient and simplified HR department.

With DaylightAT Human Resource solutions, you easily capture data with electronic forms, scan and submit HR files from your network photocopier, store and route digital documents (in-house or in the cloud), and save time by tracking files in review. Common problems like manual data entry and time-consuming approval processes will be a thing of the past.

Struggling to meet compliance guidelines? Let YourDMS build the guidelines directly into your business process with workflow and BPM solutions guaranteed to help you meet your compliance requirements.

Find, Hire and Retain the Best Talent

DaylightAT can build self-service, online applications tied directly to internal workflows and business processes, so you can easily track status and document packets from initial contact to hire and on-boarding. We handle cross-departmental routing and business logic, approvals, automatically generate letters and correspondence, and internal document templates and requests.

Flawless Onboarding to Welcome New Hires

Once you’ve landed that hire target you’ve been after, make sure they know they made the right decision, right out of the gate. DaylightAT can eliminate time-wasting by generating all new-hire documentation and internal communications immediately, giving all the right people the right level of access, when they need it, to ensure your on-boarding process is impressive and welcoming to new recruits. Give your new employee a positive first experience within the organisation.

Simplify Policy and Procedures

Collaborate, revise, update and publish company-wide policy changes and notifications while ensuring compliance. By improving the way you communicate with your team, you can free up time to focus on the most important things: the people who make your organisation great. And the complete auditing set of tools ensure that you know who has opened, read and agreed upon company updates, whether it’s in the development and version control stage, or after an item has bseen published for general consumption.

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