Mailroom, Distribution and Lockbox Services

Outsource your incoming letters, invoices and correspondence to DaylightAT, and watch your business grow.

Outsourced Mailroom Handling and Distribution

DaylightAT’s mailroom services focus on non-monetary correspondence of all types – purchase orders, invoices, contracts, applications, customer correspondence, subscriptions, questionnaires including diverse documents and forms. DaylightAT can build custom processes to meet your company’s needs.

Not only that, but the mailroom and/or lockbox services can easily tie in as the entry point for additional DaylightAT services, such as automated invoice processing, electronic form submissions, and other system integrations.

DaylightAT builds PO box services to meet a wide range of customer needs, with exception handling built into the services agreement, so you can rest assured you’ll never miss an important piece of correspondence or undefined delivery. Our experienced and vetted staff are well-trained in all processes and procedures to ensure your important communications are delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Lockbox Services

DaylightAT Lockbox services turn incoming payments into usable cash: quickly, securely and consistently.

DaylightAT can speed up the time to deposit cheques into accounts. Rather than waiting for an employee to process and record payments before compiling and taking checks to the bank for deposit, DaylightAT quickly and securely deposits payments into a company’s account. As a result, money is available for use for quickly than with internal processing times.

DaylightAT then presents electronic data in a format tailored for fast import into the company’s accounting systems, all delivered via our secured web portals. Or company staff can post payments based on banking receipt reports.

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