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Forms are a critical part of how companies do business.

They can also be a difficult, cumbersome way of doing business. DaylightAT solves problems around gathering accurate, reliable data from forms.

Whether you are forced to used physical forms or are finding it difficult to make the transition to electronic forms, DaylightAT can simplify your processes.

DaylightAT are experts in data gathering, collection and collation. Our business revolves around simplifying data collection, either through creation and hosting of electronic forms, or through transposition of the data they collect.

Many of our clients have embedded paper-based forms processes in their businesses. Whether these are Know Your Client (KYC) forms in the financial services industry, application and enrolment forms in education and subscription-based services businesses, or even POD (proof of delivery) or bills of lading (BOL) in the cargo industry, these paper forms contain critical information.

DaylightAT can tailor data-gathering and capture solutions that quickly and accurately convert paper forms to usable data for business systems, while linking original forms for quick access with a single click.

E-Forms or Electronic Forms
E-Forms or Electronic Forms

Paper Forms are Expensive! Download the infographic to learn just how much!

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