Message Manager: Capture Email

Store and Index Your Email for Easy Retrieval

Email messages are important business records. PaperVision Message Manager allows an organization to automatically route messages and attachments into PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo, index messages and govern where and which messages are stored in the secure Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Email at Your Fingertips

Capture email messages and attachments, and sort and store messages based on user-defined policies. Automated capture and indexing reduce errors and administrative workload, while organizing email based on sender, receiver, date, subject, attachment name or other index values. Instantly retrieve any message based on these values and pinpoint keywords or phrases using full-text search. By implementing PaperVision Enterprise Tools, users can also upload existing email directly into PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo projects without ever leaving Microsoft® Outlook. Whether regulations require businesses to store all messages or only critical business communications, Message Manager will control every email you need.

Email Integrity and Authenticity

Using non-repudiation, companies can verify stored messages haven’t been altered and use this proof to comply with government regulations. Non-repudiation assigns a unique value to each message and compares messages with originally captured versions. If messages are changed, the unique values do not match, and the system won’t display the altered message.

Flexible System Options

Capture email messages from virtually any email account, including UNIX- and LINUX-based email systems, and web-based systems like Yahoo! and Gmail. For Microsoft Exchange mail systems use the journaling feature to capture messages. For web-based and other email providers, simply forward email messages to a mailbox monitored by Message Manager.

Archived Email Included

Easily capture archived messages from Microsoft Outlook and Exchange mailboxes. Message Manager gathers email messages that have already passed through the email system and are now stored in .pst files or .msg-formatted messages. Capture and index message content for storage in the ECM system. Message Manager organizes everything into one convenient, searchable location.

Powerful Functionality

Messages imported into the ECM system are indexed and retrieved using the features and functionality of PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo. Message Manager leverages all the security, scalability and reliability of the ECM system to guarantee the integrity and availability of the data. Stored messages are safeguarded and tracked by the same information security controls.

Email On-Demand

Access archived email remotely, anywhere, anytime! Combine Message Manager with ImageSilo and enable compliance, disaster recovery and information management with a simple service that doesn’t require expensive hardware, consume capital resources or burden IT personnel.

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