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Convert Print Streams into Practical Electronic Reports

Many organizations depend on large mainframe systems and other high volume computing solutions to crunch through mountains of printed data for invoicing, human resources or inventory management. PaperVision Report Management features a COLD/ERM and print stream data processing engine to capture, process, store and distribute data in easy-to-read reports. Best of all, this product is available with our on-premise (PaperVision Enterprise) and on-demand (ImageSilo) Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

Simple Setup

File configuration is simple, because Report Management uses a point-and-click setup that doesn’t require scripting or programming. Sophisticated tools analyze the file and guide the user in defining document parameters, identifying line and page breaks and replacing or removing specified characters.

Verified Quality

Ensure accuracy by previewing even the largest reports prior to processing the entire job. Pre-processing samples show index values and display fully formatted examples with columns and lines in appropriate locations. Report Management presents the proper background form for any page of the report.

Automated Report Processing and Indexing

Process and index data while you sleep and gain maximum efficiency! Report Management detects and processes new reports on a user-defined schedule. After a one-time setup, Report Management extracts indexing information and converts data into a readable and searchable electronic report. Since data is already in a text format, the ECM system’s full-text search capabilities are immediately available.

Smart Storage Conservation

Sensible file compression maximizes storage space without compromising speed. Using a non-proprietary, industry standard method of compression, the data is reduced to approximately one-third its original size, providing a delicate balance between storage maximization and processing time. In addition, intelligent retrieval does not require that the entire file be decompressed before it is accessible; each component is displayed as it is decompressed.

Powerful Reports

Manage reports using PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo for instantaneous retrieval, which allows organizations to distribute data without the need to print and scan the source document. Use PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow to automatically route processed reports through pre-defined steps and standard business procedures. Report Management leverages all the security, scalability, reliability and integration options of the ECM system to guarantee the integrity and availability of the data.

Intelligent Search Capabilities

Easy-to-use, powerful search capabilities allow users to locate any information in seconds. Perform detailed searches with specified date and value ranges or very broad searches across multiple index fields and projects. Full-text search capabilities pinpoint key words within the content of the document. Users can also print, export and email reports individually or as a group.

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