Retail Operations

Retail operations face unique challenges in supply-chain management and the invoicing and coding process.

Learn about the award-winning Pets Corner BPO solution from DaylightAT, DM Awards Winner for 2016!

DaylightAT solves these problems by providing a complete, end-to-end outsourced solution that greatly improves accuracy and saves you money.

DaylightAT Business Process Outsourcing works with your data and your supplier’s data to verify and analyse all entries. Make sure you’re only being billed for the product you’ve ordered and received, at contractually agreed pricing.

DaylightAT acts as a data middleman, extracting data from forms and documents, checking it against orders, databases and contracts, delivering only the correct, verified data to your line-of-business applications, including Sage, Xero, SAP, Oracle and others. Exceptions are added to easy-to-use queues so your staff can address only the small percentage of problem communications, without going through the large number of acceptable transactions.

DaylightAT saves retailers money and improves performance, from procurement to payment.

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