So much for weekends, eh? Who needs ’em. My own weekend was spent building out the WordPress site (and learning WordPress in the process).

But what can you say about document management and ECM that is not already said a thousand times on every VAR and reseller site around the world? No, clearly the site is just a place to call home. Any knowledge I can pass on in the world of document management will have to live here, on the blog.

(And by the way, my first post had 30+ span comments within minutes. Forgot to turn on Akismet. Best.Plug-in.)

And our new Twitter account is live as well – follow us @DaylightAT for updates and info. #paperless and #ECM and #docmgmt will be our likely hashtags for the time being. Okay – enough – need to finish the site so we can launch later today. Hello world!

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