Transport, Shipping and Logistics

Advanced workflow and outsource solutions from DaylightAT help the transportation, shipping and logistics industries operate more profitably, more safely and with higher customer satisfaction.

The communication-centric world we live in has a direct and powerful impact on the transport and logistics industries. We must provide quality reporting and up-to-the-minute tracking while reducing costs on already tight margins. DaylightAT delivers advances in business technology, maintaining, routing and distributing critical information anytime, anywhere, on any connected device.

DaylightAT document services for the Transportation, Shipping and Logistics industries provide a central access point for your documents and data.

Whether you run internal logistics for a manufacturer, healthcare provider or distributor, or if you work directly in transportation and shipping, DaylightAT designs and develops bespoke solutions to fit your methods of operation.

Document Capture, Scanning and Management

All transport and logistics operations deal with paper in some way. Scheduling requirements for items, fleet inspection reports and testing, lease agreements, locating adequate quantities, procuring items, and arranging for storage are some of the operations that generate data, often paper. DaylightAT can help you control, capture, route and manage:

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Pick Tickets
  • Order Fill Records
  • Goods-In / Goods-Out
  • Bills of Lading
  • Schedules and Specifications
  • Estimates
  • Quotations and Comparisons
  • Reports and Evaluations
  • Correspondence
  • Compliance Reports
  • Invoices and Payment Documents
  • Inventory Records
  • Movements
  • and more…

Other Benefits

Additional technology improvement opportunities include:

  • Eliminate time-consuming data entry through pre-filed online forms and electronic signatures
  • Implement easy-to-use document capture methods and linear- or multi-faceted routing
  • Centralise all shipping documents and easily, securely share with employees and partners, clients or customs agencies
  • bills of lading, proof of deliveries, invoices, air waybills, air cargo manifests, freight bills and more can be integrated to shipping systems and line-of-business applications for one-click access from any device
  • Integrate existing multi-functions devices and photocopiers directly to workflow and processes
  • Improve supply chain decision-making with imrpvoed access to critical data securely accessible in real-time
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