I’ve been taking advantage of the slow half-term week to update the DaylightAT website. It half makes me want to dedicate more time to WordPress development for companies, especially when I see the state of some of the websites in the document management industry.

I’ve recently expanded my marketing into the PaperVision reseller channel, looking to provide alternatives in the professional services market. This is something we’ve been doing for years, of course, but our recent trip to Colorado only confirmed that there are plenty of PaperVision Capture scanning bureaus that need additional work and support. And there are plenty of old-style PaperFlow bureaus out there, too, still hesitating to make the jump to PaperVision Capture. On some level they know they should make the transfer, but they haven’t quite made the mental leap. The point being, I’ve been googling PaperVision in cities across the world, finding potential partners and resellers who might need DaylightAT services, and the state of some of these websites is positively paleolithic.

Which brought me back to my own site – for the better part of a year or so I made do with Design Wall’s Page template for WordPress. It was a single page website with a great design to it, but it limited what I could do somewhat. Oddly it wasn’t until we put a load of time in recently on the financial services tender (which it seems we’re in line to be awarded) that I recognized the need to rebuild. Well, that and the evaluations from AdWords campaigns we’ve been experimenting with. Between Analytics and AdWords you can sink an inordinate amount of time in criticizing every aspect of your website, no matter how tight you think you’ve made it.

But it’s brought me back to the WordPress world, and I really enjoy it as a diversion. I decided to stick with Design Wall again, this time using their Simplex template, which has a lot of similarities to the Page them but with a bit more depth. Now it’s just understanding how to streamline it. The template has a lot of online shopping aspects and we’re not quite ready for that yet, and since we’re not really an interactive blog I need to work on that portion as well. Sometimes too many options is just too many. But there’s no question this is the right choice – I look forward to launching it soon. Will update on here when it’s ready.

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