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Document Management in Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable managers and staff have a layer of responsibility for integrity of process and compliance with corporate initiatives that other departments may not have.

Managing supplier payments is important for managing cash flow and maintain positive relationships with suppliers and partners. Expense reimbursements for employees can be cumbersome. When documents are not available during processing, if they are difficult to access, it means wages lost on unproductive activity. It can mean unrealized payments discounts and it can lead to unhappy customers. Audit time becomes more stressful than necessary.

Document management and workflow technology, with sophisticated document scanning and processing strategies, are key elements of solving these business issues.

DaylightAT has experience helping Accounts Payable teams run more efficiently and cut costs.

We can provide in-house or outsourced solutions that let people focus on the more challenging and enjoyable aspects of their job, instead of repeating menial tasks. Happy employees = more productivity.

  • Eliminate lost or misplaced files, duplicate records and extraneous information.
  • Leverage existing technology investments.
  • Increase accuracy.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Route invoices through coding.
  • Interact with and exchange/update General Ledger entries in your ERP.
  • Exchange voucher numbers or check numbers and dates.
  • Resolve disputes quickly and easily.

Full web services integration capabilities and desktop integration software allow us to leverage your existing software applications to create on-click links to important documents and forms. We are able to integrate with almost any ERP or legacy application. We can also use existing multi-function devices and other peripherals as entry points to digitize and route everything.

Add the power of Workflow to current Approval processes

Companies handle invoices in many ways. Some invoices are never accepted without a Purchase Order reference. Some companies will use an ERP-based workflow to route data-based items for approval. Many are still manually shipping invoices all over creation trying to track down the person who ordered the product, or the person who signed the POD.

DaylightAT can work with you to build automated invoice workflow processes, based on your specific business rules, that improve on every scenario: Process invoices automatically and verify PO’s against ERP; link scanned images and other documents directly to the electronic workflow in your ERP; or replace other manual processes entirely with sophisticated document capture and processing routines.

Read about some of our clients in our Project Portfolio. Or visit the Digitech Suite pages to learn about these innovative document management and workflow technologies

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