Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime

Digitech Systems offers a comprehensive document and content management product suite that enables businesses to more effectively manage information of any kind — from paper documents and electronic files to print streams and even email.

Choose an on premise system or move your ECM to the cloud and get access to any document, anywhere, anytime.

PaperVision Enterprise delivers any document, anywhere, anytime – including email.

Securely organize, store and retrieve information in the blink of an eye. Control and manage information of any kind in an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

PaperVision Securely Manages Information to Improve Efficiency

Control access and increase information security using a simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Enable automation and tracking of business processes throughout the information lifecycle.

PaperVision Improves Your Business

PaperVision Enterprise delivers any document, anywhere, anytime – including email. Securely organize, store and retrieve information in the blink of an eye. Control and manage information of any kind in an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. To learn more about the core document management component of the Digitech suite, visit our PaperVision page. Or read a success story about a Pensions Department using PaperVision on-site to manage employee benefits and transactions.

Need a more efficient way to locate your important information? Move into the cloud with ImageSilo, the world’s most-trusted cloud ECM!

Conveniently Store and Access Your Data Online Without Capital Costs. ImageSilo is an ultra-secure, on-demand, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. ImageSilo offers all the same features of an on-premise ECM system. Outsource with ImageSilo and get secure online access to information anywhere in the world, at any time. And do it all, instantly, without capital expense or increased administrative burden.

Coming on board with ImageSilo is fast, easy, and inexpensive.

Scanfree can show you how to sample the power of ImageSilo on a short-term subscription model. Scanfree are so confident you’ll want to use ImageSilo, we’ll let you test drive the software for 60 days with no charge. When you decide to stay on board, monthly subscriptions starting at £35/month gives you unlimited users with access to ImageSilo document management. And that’s a deal too good to ignore.

To learn more about the leading hosted document management service available, visit our ImageSilo page. Or read a success story about a global manufacturer using ImageSilo workflow to improve customer service, and improve cash flow.

PaperVision WorkFlow is the ultimate in business process management.

WorkFlow enables businesses to fully automate standardized business processes, routing any document, anywhere, anytime, all while tracking the process and alerting users of new work assignments. Best of all, this product is available with our on-premise (PaperVision Enterprise) and on-demand (ImageSilo) offerings. PaperVision WorkFlow providers graphical and text-based interfaces to simplify workflow design. Force metadata updates, automate email notifications, launch external applications and raise COM events within the core package. Route documents for electronic signature and approval. An extensible tool kit lets you drop PaperVision WorkFlow GUI snippets into third-party applications – your WorkFlow ‘widget‘.

Visit Scanfree’s Workflow pages to learn more about what Business Process Management can do for your company.

To learn more about hosted document management visit our Cloud DM page. Or read about a global manufacturer using ImageSilo workflow to reduce staffing requirements and improve customer service.

Capture, Integrate and Distribute Everything for Less: Welcome to the next generation of information capture.

PaperVision Capture does it all while saving you time and money. Whether you use PaperVision, ImageSilo, or another document management system or business application, PaperVision Capture will improve efficiency and meet your unique needs. Building capture jobs is easy with Capture’s graphical interface and crisp settings controls. Inject custom code at almost any point in your document scanning processes. PaperVision Capture has full support for one-dimensional and Matrix/QR code barcode technology, and integrates OCR technology from leading toolkit providers Nuance and OpenText. And you can build simple integrations to System DSN’s for database updates and verifications.

Capture and organise any information.

To learn more about this innovative scanning application visit our PaperVision Capture page. Or read about some of our projects in our Project Portfolio, including custom code released for PaperVision Capture.

PaperVision E-Forms can be used on desktop, web or mobile devices.

Improve information control and remove the risk of paper forms being lost or destroyed. Save money when you eliminate the cost of storing and handling paper forms.

E-Forms saves companies money.

Studies from AIIM, Gartner and Forrester Research have all suggested that handling of paper forms can cost a company anywhere upwards of £50 per form, across document’s lifecycle. Multiply that by the number of forms handled by many of our clients and you see the scale of the issue. Free your staff from the burden of manual processing, and watch productivity, and the bottom line, improve. To learn more about this electronic forms technology, visit our E-Forms technology page. Or read more about some Scanfree customer stories in the Project Portfolio.

PaperVision Message Manager collects and catalogs email based on your business rules.

Automatically capture email messages and attachments in PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo. Index messages for faster retrieval and apply user-defined rules to govern where and which messages are stored in the secure document management system.

Mitigate risks in financial regulation and compliance.

Create a complete email records management system. Message Manager allows you to capture and catalog archived and real-time messages. And verify message integrity with built-in non-repudiation technology. PaperVision Message Manager is a core function of PaperVision Enterprise, and requires no additional software to take advantage of its capability today. To learn more about capturing emails alongside your dopcument management, visit our PaperVision Message Manager page.

PaperVision Enterprise Reports Management (ERM) converts print streams into practical electronic reports that can be read on any device.

Reduce printing and storage costs for large-volume documents. Simplify distribution and track user engagement with published reports.

Reduce data management costs and simplify report management.

Reduce approval processing time by automatically routing reports through standard business procedures. Referred to as either Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD) or as enterprise report management (ERM), this technology records reports and other documents on optical disks, or any form of digital storage for ongoing management by enterprise content management systems. (Originally, the technology only worked with laserdiscs; the name was not changed after other technologies supplanted the laserdisc.) Visit our PaperVision ERM page. Or read about some recent projects from Scanfree.

Stop printing and sign all your documents electronically

Stop printing, stop posting, stop signing and faxing. Upload your documents to PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo, and sign them electronically.

Electronic signatures are popular and their use is growing rapidly.

PCWorld Magazine has estimated that by the end of this decade, business will spend more than £3 Billion on electronic signatures. Find out why this powerful technology is in such high demand.

What is an electronic signature, then?

In essence, it is an electronic indication of an individual’s, or an organisation’s, agreement to, or approval of, the contents of a document, and of their intent to “sign” the document. You upload a document (Word, PDF, or something else) and it is tagged with special annotations. Send it to the appropriate recipient, and after the file is signed it is recorded into the system. To learn more about the legality of electronic forms in the UK, the EU and the USA, visit our Legislation pages (currently under construction). Read more about PaperVision Enterprise on the product page. Or read about some recent projects from Scanfree.

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