This month at DaylightAT we’re shifting the focus to all things Human Resources. We’ll be shedding some light on how important the HR function is for businesses, as well as delving into the ways you can fast-track your HR department, exploring the various processes involved and considering when is the right time to outsource. If you’ve been contemplating how to tackle HR for your business, there’s plenty to discover.

Let’s begin by talking about HR …

HR is undoubtedly an important function no matter the size of your business. From recruiting and hiring talent, to coordinating training, handling payroll and strategic planning, the role of a Human Resources professional is both busy and varied. Not only do they manage employee relations and deal with legal requirements and compliance, they do so all whilst maintaining the company’s values and future direction.

HR in small to medium businesses …

If you’re a small to medium business owner, you may find your time and attention is frequently spent on many of the above tasks, stealing you away from actually running your business. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact Nicola Goodridge owner of Good HR, recently stated that in her experience, businesses with less than 50 employees rarely have a HR team in place – meaning the necessary tasks are passed to managers or directors that have little to no HR experience.

Outsourcing your HR …

If HR costs your business time and money, fear not as it needn’t be this way. Outsourcing your HR is always an available option. For small to medium businesses, support from a professional with the right skills and knowledge can have a huge impact that improves the whole HR function (or lack of one) within a company. It goes without saying that putting in place processes that work, will bring benefits as your business naturally grows and develops.

As we explore the world of HR in more detail, take a step back and reflect on your HR processes and think about how they can work more effectively for your business. Trust us, little changes create big results.

If you’re already curious about HR outsourcing, read how DaylightAT can help.

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