Duplicates Report

Custom Code for PaperVision Capture that allows an Operator to run an immediate query on number of duplicates in the active batch.



Working with large batches in PaperVision Capture or PaperFlow? Many scanning companies will equate a boxto a batch; others may add multiple boxes into a single batch, for faster production. In either case, large batches can lead to multiple separate entries for the same document set, or folder.

Finding duplicates within a batch can be a time-consuming process and is prone to errors as a user will need to Browse Batch and visually determine whether there are any duplicates that need to be combined.

The Batch Duplicates Report allows the operator to run a single-click report that determines whether any fields are duplicated across the existing batch. Project managers can select a signle field or multiple fields to be checked for duplicate values.

Save time (and money) by adding this simple piece of custom code to all your indexing worksteps for quick reporting that improves your output quality for your clients.


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