Integrates to ImageSilo and PaperVision Enterprise.



Salesforce-to-Silo is the premier, bespoke-designed integration allowing users to interact with documents stored on premises-based PaperVision repositories, ImageSilo or entities.

The core features of this integration are:

  • Custom Mapping: define primary search fields for linking Salesforce objects to PaperVision project
  • Data Tables: include all fields or only specific subsets of PaperVision index fields in the Search Results
  • Search Results: primarily showing the search results defined in the cusotm mapping and data tables options, this powerful module:
    • allows filtering of search results based on any test in those results
    • allows sorting of search results based on any field
    • allows grouping of documents similar to the native PaperVision/ImageSilo grouping functionality
    • links all documents in search results directly to the documeNt in PaperVision/ImageSilo, allowing easy access with no additional login or search required from the user
    • and takes advantage of all PaperVision/ImageSilo security rules to ensure users only have access to documents they should
  • Upload Documents: from within the window, users can add documents directly to their PaperVision/ImageSilo repository:
    • browse the desktop for files to upload to PaperVision
    • fields mapped via Custom Mapping and Data Tabels are pre-populated
    • edit remaining (or pre-mapped) fields
    • documents immediately updated into existing Search Results in both module and in PaperVision
  • Enhanced User Level Integration: Each user has an independent login to that is mapped to their independent login in PaperVision/ImageSilo
    • PaperVision/ImageSilo users lists can be mapped to new or existing accounts
    • If the client is using Identity Management or SSO to access, this is an easy route to granting them SSO to PaperVision as well
    • PaperVision passwords are maintained in a custom, encrypted field within
    • Users can also access the Reset Password screen in PaperVision (from Salesforce) in case they have locked themselves out for any reason

Salesforce-to-Silo can be added to any page through a simple page edit that allows the module(s) to be dropped on any space or tab on the Salesforce object.

The integration can also be customized to allow different integrations to coexist across various objects. This means that, for example, one PaperVision project can be mapped and integrated to Accounts, while another PaperVision project can be mapped and integrated to Leads or Assets, or any other Salesforce object. In some scenarios, your client may want the same PaperVision project mapped to separate objects, but with different field mappings and data table results – this is also possible and even easy-to-achieve with the Salesforce-to-Silo integration.

Salesforce-to-Silo can even integrate to customized objects that do not exist in the core Salesforce system but may have been built or tailored specifically for your client in their vertical market.

Lastly, Salesforce-to-Silo has been tested on various browsers and operating systems, including Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows, Safari on iOS, and even works within the app on both Android and iOS.


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