Multiple Code Options for PaperVision Capture

Allow users to select from more than one manual custom code process within a single workstep, within PaperVision Capture or PaperFlow.



PaperVision Capture, the most robust and functional scanning software available, gives the project manager a wealth of options to add custom code – when a batch is opened, when a batch is submitted, when specific fields are populated or when a document is indexed, and more. In our experience, the most popular and functional place is in the “Run Custom Code” button that allows the user to select when to run a particular function.

Sometimes, though, it seems like one button isn’t enough! Before this integration, the only option was to drop code into one of those other automated run functions, or to create separate worksteps with each piece of custom code assigned its own workstep in the overall workflow. But neither option is ideal in user-facing scenarios.

That’s why we’ve written this integration.

Multiple Code Options allows you to drop multiple, completely separate code functions into a single Run Custom Code, allowing the user to select which piece of code they want to run at any given time. They can then return to the options screen to run other (or the same) pieces of code while never leaving the current workstep, and can always choose the best time to run that particular function.

Best of all, the Multiple Code Options program can run with any of our other custom code options in the DaylightAT shop – so choose whether to integrate the popular Mathematical Functions code or the Duplicates Report from a single custom code step.


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