Dual Field Entry Comparison

Enable dual-blind indexing without a QC license, using automated custom code. Available at no charge under the GNU General Public License – for service bureaus and end-users alike.

You can download this and use it for free, at your site or for end-users. Just fill out the form on the right to acces the download, usage instructions are in the description below, but don’t hesitate to contact us.


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A simple bit of code that enables dual-blind indexing - requiring two separate operators to index the same field separately, verifying that the entered value matches on both entries, ensuring quality output.

Create two indexing worksteps with a similar field, for separate users to code. The comparison tool runs as an automated workstep comparing the two field values, and routing back if the values do not match.

Increase accuracy and ensure solid results for your customers!

You can use this code across unlimited projects in your bureau or at customer sites. We only ask that you leave the copyright and GNU license info intact, so people can contact us if they need help, and so everyone knows their rights in using the software.

Email us to discuss any other customizations you need.


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