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DaylightAT provides various technologies focused around office automation: moving, managing and interfacing with documents and data to help your people make the right decision, faster, and more accurately.

To learn more about DaylightAT's document management technology, continue reading here. To learn about project-specific development and office automation technology, visit our Office Automation Technology pages.

Document Management

Core document management technology includes a range of functionality that we would define as "basic". For example, viewing and retrieving documents, simple scanning, and basic security features. Have a look at the tab in the table on the right for more information.

Advanced Document Management Technology

Looking longer term, your company may want to consider the tools that make document management technology really come to life and contribute to your organisation in exciting ways. If you're analysing document management technology today, you'll want to plan for E-Forms and Electronic Signatures. The second tab in the table outlines more features to consider.

Scalability for the Enterprise

DaylightAT's document management technology is completely scalable. The entire application can run on a single computer. But the same application that runs on your PC, PaperVision, also powers ImageSilo, the world's leading online document management service. If you're seeking a document management system for the enterprise, you'll want the more powerful features on the third tab.

DaylightAT Are Document Management Technology Experts

E-Forms Features and TargetsWe will recommend the correct document management technology for your organization. We focus on smart, agile solutions that exceed requirements, with a path for growth and flexibility. We can focus our efforts on compliance strategies or on applying document technology to realise cost-savings and increased efficiencies, or both.

We provide the most reliable document management technology available. Our solutions can scale from a small business or department up to the enterprise level. Our document management technology can be run on-premise or in the cloud.

DaylightAT partners with leading document management technology providers for core, suite-based document management functionality, such as the Digitech Systems PaperVision family of products. We work closely with leading developers to build project-specific solutions in .NET, C#, Java and more. And we use technology-specific products to process database-level changes and manage raw files. We will ensure the best document management solution for your company.

Office Automation

Multi-function devices, SharePoint, Windows Automation programs, integration applications like Ratchet-X, and custom code development. All these form a part of DaylightAT Professional Services Solutions. Visit our Office Automation pages to learn more about putting these to work for you.

Document Management
From the Basics to the Enterprise
  • Document Imaging: basic scanning and indexing functionality, to capture digital scans of paper documents, and classify, or file, them accordingly.
  • Simple Retrieval: Search for and quickly find your document using search fields you define.
  • Viewing Functionality: View, print, email and share your data with people inside or outside of your organisation,
  • Application Level Security: Build robust permissions related to project, document and action levels of functionality.
  • Flexible Web Interface: Access your data from almost any device.
  • Reporting: Full audit trail for all actions, views and searches.
  • Version and Library Controls: Track your documents through their entire life-cycle, and encourage collaboration.
  • Basic URL Search Integration: Any document management technology should give you the ability to build your own static or dynamic URL's to link documents to other applications.
  • E-Forms: Digital versions of the same forms you use today, but far more than a like-for-like replacement. Integrate to CRM and ERP via your document management system.
  • Workflow: Automatically route and track documents with document management workflow. Interact with line-of-business applications, and engage employees to make better, smarter, faster decisions.
  • Electronic Signatures: Graphically sign image-based documents with SHA256 encryption, useful for non-repudiation scenarios.
  • Multi-tier Architecture: Presentation, application processing, and data management functions are physically separated.
  • Web Services Integration: A number of APIs, including web services methods, are designed to allow extension or integration of PaperVision into third-party applications.
  • Document Retention Policies for Records Management: Retention policies set a lock date/time specifying a time before which documents cannot be deleted, helping records managers ensure compliance.
  • Data Encryption: By this we refer, of course, to the ability for the document management system to integrate with standard web technologies like SSL, but also encryption of the data at rest, to ensure maximum security without sacrificing performance.
The above document management technology 'classifications' are very broad. For example, some would not consider Search URL's to be an advanced technology. And multi-tier architecture can be applied within any business, not just the enterprise. Use the Get In Touch tab on the right to learn more.
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