Core Workflow Features List

Workflow Features

The following list shows some of the core workflow features from Scanfree's suite of document management and workflow solutions.

  • Easy to learn and implement: Your organization can shorten workflow discovery time-cycles with agile development techniques and process iteration.
  • Timers and notifications: Make your workflow process work for you, with data when you need it and escalation on demand.
  • Text-based and graphical interfaces for workflow design: Carefully align your workflow design to new or existing BPMN* standards
  • Real-time process visibility: Watch items move through workflow in real-time, reply to customer and client queries on the first call, and highlight bottlenecks as they are occurring.
  • Improve Reporting: Full audit trails can be filtered and saved by workstep, date range, workflow participant, by specific case and more. This helps ensure internal accountability at all steps of the process.
  • Web services based integration methods: Interact with internal and external applications.

*To learn more about Business Process Model and Notation, commonly used when mapping business processes for building  an automated document management workflow process, visit this introductory Wikipedia article; or visit the specification's management group,

Key Benefits of Workflow and Business Process Management Solutions

By implementing electronic document management workflow solutions, you company can quickly realise the following key benefits:

Ensure Compliance: Define tightly controlled, fully auditable processes with built-in exception handling and escalation. Rapidly adapt existing processes to ongoing legislative and market changes.

Increase Revenues: Whatever your line of business, you can handle more with less with electronic workflow: Process more sales orders, generate invoices faster, manage and ensure project progress and documentation, all without increasing staffing requirements. Execute your business tasks with greater accuracy and greater precision, faster.

Improve Customer Service: Answer customer and partner queries on the first call, highlight potential problems and bottlenecks, and resolve issues quickly so you can get back to work.

Reduce Costs: Focus your talented staff on high-value tasks, free them from menial documentation checks and filing.

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