Document Management for Education

Streamline Document Processing and Improve Campus Operations

In the highly competitive education environment, accurately and easily managing large volumes of student, enrolment and financial data can improve how your school operates, and improve the image of the school with students, parents and staff.

DaylightAT knows the importance of tailoring paperless solutions for the private education and university environments. We are leaders in education and work diligently to help schools meet their strategic goals.

  • Automate enrolment practices.
  • Improve management of Student Records.
  • Improve security of Counseling records.
  • Keep staff records safe and up-to-date.
  • Improve handling of financial documents.
  • Improve Alumni access to historical data, and to donation forms.

Effectively manage documents and content across your institution.

Document management can improve Admissions practices and help you achieve your enrolment goals. It can help make sure that staff are properly vetted and records are kept up to date in case of audit. It can help manage maintenance records and project data across the entire organisation. And it is heavily used in Counseling departments to maintain student records and evaluations

Transform into a paperless campus today! Keep ahead of the competition!

To learn more about our technologies, visit our Technology Overview. Or read a success story about an international school using PaperVision to manage staff records and accounts payable data.

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