ChroNotes – Delivery Note / Collection Note Creation Utility

A simple utility for creating collection notes and delivery notes.

Use the included templates to save, print and forward your completed Delivery Notes and Collection Notes to streamline your production flow.



ChroNotes, from DaylightAT, is a simple utility for creating, managing and tracking collection notes and delivery notes for your clients.

Using standardised Collection Note (CN) and Delivery Note (DN) templates (provided with the utility), ChroNotes reads data from a client list (template also provided) and uses your configuration settings to maintain an ongoing count of unique CN/DN numbering

Release Notes

v1.0: Initial Release

  • pull configs from xml
  • read client list from MS Excel only
  • fixed Delivery Note and Credit Note templates

Ongoing Development

  • LINKS! We’re looking for input on your desired links to CRM systems to pull:
    • client lists
    • product lists
  • enhanced XML configuration – we’re increasing your customisation for
    • using your own DN and CN templates
    • expanding the existing MS Excel templates to include more (and better) data
  • installation and configuration wizards
  • And much more!
We’d love your input.

If there’s a feature or hack you’d like to see included, please use the Get in Touch link on the right, or the Request a Quote form to drop us a line. We want this product to grow, and your guidance will help.


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