Percent-Based Tagging (Quality Control)

Another free tool from DaylightAT – randomize your Quality Controls with percent-based tagging of documents in PaperVision Capture.

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Percent-Based Tagging works with PaperVision Capture Document Splitting to randomly select a user-defined percentage of documents for deeper QC review.

Build your PaperVision Capture workflow with some split decisions, using the Percent Based Tagging control field to determine which documents should or shouldn't go to the additional Quality Control review steps.

If your tell your customer you'll double-review 75% of all documents, make sure you catch them all and document the process along the way.

Deliver the best quality to your customers today with tools from DaylightAT.

You can use this code across unlimited projects in your bureau or at customer sites. We only ask that you leave the copyright and GNU license info intact, so people can contact us if they need help, and so everyone knows their rights in using the software.

Email us to discuss any other customizations you need.


  1. Include an Automated Custom Code step and a Document Split. Usually this will be after your capture, indexing and preliminary image processing steps, but before heavy OCR processes and outputs.
  2. Insert the code into the code step, and specifiy control field and percentage of documents to reroute. The control field should be a text field, and will populate 'True' or 'False'.
  3. Use the document split to monitor the control field, and the appropriate percentage of documents will be rerouted. The percentage is based on number of documents in the current batch when the custom code executes.


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