Fast Access to a Customisable Report

Custom Code creates a list of all duplicate field values in the active batch, and lets you specify which fields to check

This development project came about through our work with PaperVision Capture scanning bureaus in the UK and the US.

PaperVision Capture supplies a wealth of reporting capabilities through the Administration Console and via the extensive API integration capabilities. All sorts of scanning metrics are available for the PaperVision Capture administrators, but a Capture Operator may not have the same insights.

DaylightAT found that many of our scanning bureaux were running relatively large batches, due to automated imports occurring from multifunctional devices or FTP feeds with images being imported overnight. Scanning operators were running into situations with duplicate documents were being brought in, but no easy way to determine if some fields were mismatched.

DaylightAT undertook the development of a simple, PaperVision Capture Operator Console-based reporting mechanism that allows the scanning bureau to select fields to check for duplicate values. The Capture Operator simply executes the custom code element within the Operator Console, and a detailed report is written to a pre-defined folder.

Customise your output

And if you need multiple takes on the same report, you can re-use the code again and again to select different combinations for report output. Check a primary field on its own, then a primary field coupled with secondary metadata. And if you need to run multiple reports in the same step, or if you’d like to run this custom code duplicates report along with another piece of code in the same Operator workstep, why not have a look at our Functions Button Custom Code?

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