Document Management and Workflow Automation for Human Resources


Recruiting and developing productive team members is a significant challenge for Personnel managers. Servicing the workforce and maintaining accurate, up-to-date employee records, within a web of current regulations and legislation, makes it essential to implement a functional document management strategy.

DaylightAT has experience helping Personnel and Human Resources departments enhance compliance, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Implementing automated document management and workflow processes replace manual, paper-intensive work.

Premises-based and outsourced cloud-based offerings are available to help Personnel professionals:

  • Eliminate paper
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced documents, and manual filing
  • Mitigate risks and ensure compliance with industry legislation
  • Reduce bottlenecks in paper-intensive processes
  • Provide comprehensive audit trails and security-controlled access to sensitive records
  • Streamline performance evaluations
  • Improve and automate verification of renewal of credentials or mandatory training requirements
  • Better prepare for and protect your organization in employment tribunals and other legal complications

Document management and workflow can improve the way your Personnel department operates, and protect your employees when it matters most.

There’s a reason Human Resources departments are the most common document management installation in most organisations.

Personnel gets affected by revised legislation more often than other departments, and has stricter controls and requirements. DaylightAT understands these pressures and will work with your team to put the proper solutions in place.

To learn more about our cloud-based or premises-based offerings, visit our document management pages. Or read one of our client stories in the Project Portfolio.

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