Document management is most powerful when tied to your primary line of business applications.

Document Management is an incredibly useful supporting technology. But DaylightAT knows that nobody goes to work just to manage their documents.

The objective in almost every document management implementation is to get staff faster access to the data they require, in a secure, auditable environment. Core document management offerings do this in and of themselves, of course. It’s a key component of the solutions. But in order to make staff as productive as possible, companies often consider the advantages of document management integration.

Document Management Integration – The Basics

There are almost as many ways of building a document management integration as there are companies that could benefit from doing it. At its most basic level, a document management integration ties your company’s main business application (or applications) to the document management store. The goal is simple:

When your member of staff is reviewing a customer account (or an employee record, or an order…) in their main application, and decide they need to view a record, they should be able to click a button, or hit a shortcut key, and immediately be brought to the relevant information they require.

This is document management integration. Create a simple link, click a button, get the document you need. We have seen massive increases in customer satisfaction based on this simple principle: A client calls to find out the status of their order. The core system says the order has been received and processed and the customer wants to know where the items are in production. A simple click to the document management integration takes the employee to a workflow environment where they can see the order was submitted internally as completed, and can then determine how much longer before the item is shipped. The caller gets their response on the first call – no call back, no lost messages: A response.

Here are a few examples of document management integration projects where DaylightAT has managed or contributed:

Human Resources

PS – Oracle Business Suite – OpenPeople


Oracle – SAP – OpenAccounts – Grampian – Great Plains – Sage Line 50 and others – AS/400 – QuickBooks

CRM and Related Applications

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – ACCPAC –

Other Line-of-Business Applications

Asset Management – Facilities Management – Inventory Controls – AS/400 – legacy and Unix systems

Your staff live and breathe in their ERP applications. DaylightAT can bring integrated document management to their fingertips.

To learn more about our cloud-based or premises-based offerings, visit our document management pages. Or read another of our client stories in the Project Portfolio.

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