Document Management in the Pensions Department

Document Management for Pensions can transform how your team manages and accesses employee benefits data.

Whether your Pensions and Benefits plans are administered internally or outsourced, access to employee files is critical when to comes to verification and benefits calculations. Document Management ensures your Pensions administrators have secure access to the appropriate pensions records.

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  • Convert and consolidate existing records sets as electronic images.
  • Ensure fast, secure access to a complete employee record – including scans, Word and Excel and other Office documents, PDFs, electronic forms (e-forms), reports, and other file formats and storage mediums (even microfilm)
  • Mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and preserve important paper records
  • Manage document retention requirements in clear, automated policy sets
  • Secure documents in electronic formats, integrate with existing Active Directory structures
  • Automate processes, verify eligibility, and simplify employee detail updates
  • Update third-party Pensions databases automatically with document management workflow integration
  • Eliminate paper scanning services

Access data anywhere, anytime with secure, high-availability cloud-based document management.

Pensions records are often spread out across locations, and will often exist in different formats. Email, hard-copy documents, digital Office files, microfilm and more are all typical storage formats. Corporate mergers and acquisitions can complicate the matter, with different organisations utilising different formats and methodologies. Finding and managing the right documents quickly is difficult and prone to error. DaylightAT’s document management and scanning solutions address these challenges.

DaylightAT has extensive experience helping Pensions and Benefits administrators. Your company can replace paper-intensive manual processes and reduce costs with document management solutions from DaylightAT, in-house or online.

To learn more about our cloud-based or premises-based offerings, visit our document management pages. Or read one of our client stories in the Project Portfolio.

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