Document Management in Financial Services

Simplify management of customer and internal documents

Retain Customers with Improved Service

DaylightAT provides financial services companies with the ability to accurately and rapidly process and manage large volumes of customer and business data. We can help capture and manage paper, electronic documents, and unstructured data, and integrate them into your existing systems or processes.

Banks, stockbrokers, building societies, accountants, co-operatives – these businesses and more can benefit from using the technology. Our experience helps businesses build audited workflow solutions that deliver value to the entire organisation.

Document management should help drive profit, and we will work with you to make it happen. Our document and content management, workflow and e-form solutions work at central or distributed locations. The can be delivered and accessed via the cloud, installed on your premises, or, as is common in financial services, as a mixture of both cloud and in-house technologies. Users can interact on almost any device, including mobile devices, with real-time access to content from anywhere.

Improve Records Compliance

In the modern business environment, with tightening regulations and constant oversight, it’s important to get your processes right. And to prove that you have followed those processes. This includes not only the handling of customer data through an initial business process, but the retention and resolution of the data over its life-cycle.

Integrate with operations and back-office systems

DaylightAT encourages efficiency in operations by streamlining the flow and availability of information from any source. Or systems can integrate seamlessly with core line of business applications like banking systems and CRM, bespoke member databases and legacy applications. DaylightAT can help lower costs and slow staffing requirements. DaylightAT can also assist in mergers and acquisitions by performing large-scale conversions of existing document management systems, hard copy records, and high volume electronic data.

And since our systems give you access to data anywhere, anytime, you can stay connected to what’s important.

To learn more about the core technologies we offer visit the Technology Overview page. Or read about some of our projects in our Project Portfolio.

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