Document Management for Higher Education

DaylightAT works with private and public higher education providers to manage employee and student records, manage accounts payable records, and provide secure access for counselors and staff. DaylightAT has worked with Universities and colleges in the USA, such as Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University, as well as smaller institutions and governing bodies. Our education focus continues here in the UK with The American School in London and private tuition educators.

Private Education in Central London

The American School in London serves American and international families based in London for short- or long-term assignments. Founded in 1951, its students and the active parent community appreciate the school’s mission: to provide an outstanding American education with a global perspective. ASL contacted DaylightAT regarding an under-used and ailing PaperVision implementation. The system had been in active use some years back, but had fallen into disuse as the previous provider’s support had lapsed. DaylightAT provided a complete system upgrade, some reformatting of existing projects to improve search capabilities, and re-training of key departments.

DaylightAT worked with the Accounting and Human Resources department. It was apparent that they required a conversion of some large volumes of data which had amassed in the intervening period. Thousands of invoices and expense data needed to be scanned and indexed. A number of employee records, both new records as well as significant updates to existing records, also had to be converted. Now, The American School in London has contracted with DaylightAT to provide electronic document management services across various other departments in the school. And the improved usage has also resulted in expansion of licenses for the core system.

Document Management for Private Tuition

A London-based firm provides private tuition for students across the UK and Ireland, as well as correspondence training. Data Protection requires that students fill out appropriate forms. Frequent queries and the occasional audit meant that access needed to be fast and simple. But with over 1000 franchisees and 25 times as many students, the process was proving cumbersome.

DaylightAT partnered with a software and services provider outside London to deliver the scanning conversion of tens of thousands of Data Protection forms, plus franchisee contracts, addenda and special documents. Production was completed in under three weeks. Reviewing the processed data with the client online, we noticed significant discrepancies in the processed data compared to reference files provided by the client. In fact we had discovered a disconnect in the client’s internal databases. We had the perfect opportunity to rectify some databases and overcome a nagging issue in the company’s existing system.

The documents were scanned and ready for import into the existing document management system. DaylightAT worked with the client to perform various update types using two internal databases and the newly processed metadata. Specifically, important date values, which were either missing or mismatched, were corrected through careful data analysis and referencing original documents; other corrections were made as well. The delivered data was of top quality and the bonus came in improving existing data sets from source documents.

What can we find in your data, and how valuable will it be to you?

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