The payroll department of a major UK transport provider could not increase staff, and could not incur any capital costs.

Although the main offices are located in central London, the Payroll department had moved out to a Midlands office. From here the relatively small staff are responsible for thousands of employees. Staff are spread throughout nearly 300 different locations, including stations and offices across the country. The staff are responsible for compiling and processing payroll and sickness information. The typical process involved transmitting payroll data via courier and fax services, as well as staff delivering data via their own transport system.

DaylightAT staff worked with them to build a unique document scanning and routing service. This service allowed them to begin capturing payroll data via multi-function devices located at key locations. DaylightAT configured an outsourced processing method – a portion of the required data entry is now outsourced. This lets the department postpone hiring an additional employee, even though staff numbers are increasing.

It also allows the core payroll team to better manage their input requirements. Weekly reporting and processing became much easier. As did managing employee queries and disputes. And when required, the Payroll team can easily distribute electronic data for managers across the company.

With a low monthly cost, they have taken a tedious process, simplified it with some easy-to-use scanning routines, and gotten the scanned documents and the corresponding data directly into the hands of those who require it.

The information is there, on the documents you process daily. DaylightAT can help you find it and use it more efficiently.

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