Reduced days-to-invoice and increased customer service level

Purchase order routing increases customer satisfaction and allows growth without need for additional staff, while improving cash flow as orders get invoiced faster

ADS Pipe, a North American manufacturer and worldwide supplier of industrial, agricultural and domestic pipe, has completely changed their order fulfillment process through online workflow and integrated fax capture.

In 2006, DaylightAT was approached by Ohio-based document management provider Fireproof Records Center. Their client, ADS Pipe, had been using Digitech’s cloud-based document management solution, ImageSilo, for a number of years at this point, and were now prepared to put ImageSilo into overdrive. They wanted to evaluate how ImageSilo workflow might improve their processing of incoming purchase orders.

DaylightAT embarked on a 3 week remote discovery process, working directly with ADS Pepe’s internal project team, spearheaded by Kim Daniels. Kim managed the involvement of Customer Service personnel who were involved in the order fulfillment process, which involved data entry into the company’s line-of-business ERP application and instance-based auditing rules for certain orders.

DaylightAT worked with Fireproof to build a fax-server which automatically routed incoming purchase orders to ImageSilo with appropriate metadata. DaylightAT built ImageSilo workflow routines which evaluate that metadata, routing documents accordingly. All audit requirements are built in to the workflow design, along with email notifications and time-based escalation procedures.

Orders that originally took 3-5 days to fulfill are now processed within 1-2 hours on average, increasing customer satisfaction, resulting in more orders. Staffing levels have decreased through attrition since the workflow implementation, resulting in lower overall costs and no need to expand, even though sales have been increasing!

And Invoices are going out 7-9 days earlier, improving cash flow.

It’s not just getting the orders placed early, it’s improving your image, improving communications, and meeting financial goals and obligations.

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