DaylightAT consults with document management providers worldwide

Our document management consulting services are dependable, affordable …and popular.

MicroRecords Company has used DaylightAT multiple times. DaylightAT designed and implemented a claims processing workflow routine for Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs. Another division of the same hospital required a report processing function. DaylightAT was able to develop a COLD application within PaperVision Enterprise Report Management to automatically capture, analyse, index and store the data with no user intervention. And a similar reporting application was installed at a waste management provider who wanted to easily access invoicing data outside the ERP. We continue to perform a number of installations and training for Micro Records to this day, and partner on international projects.

Databank used DaylightAT when Stanley Tools was seeking to integrate their Document Management solutions to SAP.

Grace Information Management, a document management provider in Sydney, Australia, consulted with DaylightAT when building their hosted document management solution using the PaperVision platform. Grace also employed our document management training services to strengthen their sales team’s knowledge and increase sales.

Datastor Limited called upon DaylightAT when they were ready to upgrade their document scanning service bureau to become the most advanced, productive bureau in all Surrey. A complete upgrade of all scan stations and processes to PaperVision Capture followed, including all projects… in a live environment. We continue to partner with Datastor Limited on various projects.

Fireproof Records Center out of Columbus, Ohio in the US continues to work with DaylightAT on international workflow and ImageSilo projects, some in manufacturing, others in healthcare.

DaylightAT provides superior document management consulting and design services to the end-user community. That’s probably why we’re called upon by document management professionals, too.

To learn more about our cloud-based or premises-based offerings, visit our document management pages. Or read another of our client stories in the Project Portfolio.

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