Bringing Together the Best Features from Three Native Exports

PaperVision Capture comes packaged with a number of release scripts for outputting data into other formats. The most popular of these have always been the most basic. By our count, these are:

  • ASCII Export – this allows you to write field values to an ASCII file and define the output file formats; useful for a wide variety or thrid-party applications and databases.
  • Image Files Only Export – forsaking the ASCII file for the ability to name files based on delimited index metadata, folders too; very popular for the bureau delivering data to customers with no document management system in place. Need logical folder structures to sit data on a hard drive somewhere? This is the one to use.
  • PaperVision / ImageSilo XML Data Groups Export – And of course PaperVision and ImageSilo use their own powerful XML definition for loading data into those systems; used by anyone who has invested in the Digitech Suite of products, or by the Digitech end-user if a bureau is providing the outsrouced scanning service.

But of course, there are always requirements that fall outside of “native” library of release scripts and this is another area where the ability to inject your own custom code right into the application really gives the ability to develop almost any output scenario for almost any product. Digitech Professional Services are there to help you develop outputs exactly to your requirements, and companies like DaylightAT also provide these services, along with the large number of users who write their own code.

PaperVision Capture Custom Code Tweaks

DaylightAT has written a number of custom code functions, like the workstep-based Selective Grid Export or the popular Functions Buttons for execution of multiple pieces of custom code from within a single workstep.

Our latest custom code offering brings together selected features from the three most popular exports mentioned above, and builds them all into a single modified ASCII export, with the following features:

  • Build and map your ASCII export with all the same options as the native export:
    • Which indexes to include
    • Order of indexes in output text
    • Order of images
    • Customisable delimiters
    • Whether to include header information or not
  • Select index field values for file-naming:
    • Use all or some of the indexes
    • Map folders as well as file name
    • Custom delimiter for file names and folders
    • Modified file names automatically reflected in the ASCII output file
  • Select the maximum size of the exported data based on either:
    • Maximum number of documents per export, or
    • Maximum export size in MB

And of course all of the advanced features are built into the code as well, including specifying auotmation servers to perform the task, use of Export Complete files, and specifying OCR job steps, etc.

DaylightAT develops custom code functions for PaperVision Capture resellers and end-users at competitive prices.

To learn more about our cloud-based or premises-based offerings, visit our document management pages. Or read another of our client stories in the Project Portfolio.

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