It shouldn’t have to be so difficult.

In our backgrounds working for software companies, this was the mantra that always stuck in our heads. Why is it so difiicult when all the systems and technologies are there to make it work? DaylightAT takes the difficulty out of the equation by creating the necessary...

The Outsourced Approach

No one's a stranger to outsourcing in this day and age. We outsource our IT support to a trusted provider, our business machines are supported by another, our accounting systems and line-of-business applications by others still. DaylightAT outsources its phone...

The Failed Promise of EDI

EDI was slated to be the biggest technological change for companies since PCs and networks came into being. No longer would you have to exchange information in letters and phone calls - your systems would speak with my systems and just like that, everything would fall...
As organisations grow and change, internal business processes must adapt to keep up. Companies must constantly advance or be at risk of falling behind.

Market leaders enhance their performance with DaylightAT. We provide a range of services with a focus on saving our customers money by improving manual processes.

DaylightAT actively helps our customers evolve. We work with you step by step to ensure improvements without disruption to your business, to your vendors or to your staff.

DaylightAT will save your business money and prepare you for growth. Dynamic, safe and innovative business practices – that’s what we bring to our customers.

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6 steps to scanning paper to screen

Scanning Services Scan your documents and convert them to digital files to transform the way you work with them, reduce business costs, and improve efficiency, security and compliance. DaylightAT provide fully managed and professional scanning services. Based in...
Our Partners and Technologies

DaylightAT are constantly seeking out innovative, leading-edge partners whose applications bring value to users.

Digitech Systems

Digitech Systems enables businesses of any size to more effectively and securely manage, retrieve and store corporate information of any kind using the world’s most trusted cloud-based ECM service, ImageSilo®. By reducing costs, Digitech Systems has moved ECM from a...

Cumulus Pro

Rapid business transformation made possible with CumulusPro’s cloud-based BPM platform. Improve customer experience, business efficiency and productivity, reduce cost, and optimise results by connecting People, Process and Application.


ABBYY empowers customers to find, extract and action information by intelligent capture, analysis and understanding of data.
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Multiple Code Options within a Single Workstep for PaperVision Capture and PaperFlow

Allow users to select from more than one manual custom code process within a single workstep, within PaperVision Capture or PaperFlow.

Introducing the new month and new quarter of content focusing on HR

This month at DaylightAT we’re shifting the focus to all things Human Resources. We’ll be shedding some light on how important the HR function is for businesses, as well as delving into the ways you can fast-track your HR department, exploring the various processes...

How you can help the environment whilst at work

Our world is precious, we know that, right? With resources reducing at an unsustainable rate, the way we impact the environment whilst at work is at the forefront of conversations across the globe. We spend a big part of our lives doing our day-job but how...

Save your finance department before it falls

We are all told that the finance department is one of the most important but it’s also the least exciting – at least to non-finance people – so it’s human nature to neglect it at worst or underestimate its worth at best.  Sales, customer relations, research and...

Forecasting – have you got your sums right?

It may not get your pulse racing, but financial forecasting, done well, can play a big part in the success of your business. For one thing, it can point the way to good long-term strategic decision making. And secondly, it can help you attract investors and convince...

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